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Earn and Save Every Month

The Lexvor Connect
Private Network

Join Lexvor Connect Network to bridge coverage gaps collaboratively. We enhance and secure IoT, smart technologies, A.I. connectivity, building a seamless and protected future with blockchain.

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Save and Earn

Unlock Seamless Connectivity and Savings

Join Lexvor Connect Network at just $60 per month for Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data. Save per month per line when you use Lexvor Tokens to cover your monthly bills.

Earn While You Expand

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Elevate Connectivity

Supercharge your network by adding a Network Hotspot to your home or business. Earn each time a Lexvor Subscriber connects, helping to provide the network with expanded coverage. Contribute to growth and pad your pockets simultaneously!

International Access

Lexvor Connect Network is going global soon! Gain Access to the Lexvor Connect Network across the world seamlessly.


Map It Out

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Unlimited Everything

Unlimited Talk, Text and 5G Data 

Unlimited Prioritized Data when connected to a Lexvor Network Hotspot. You may experience slower speeds when not connected to a Lexvor Network Hotspot.
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Plus Taxes & Fees

Bringing Privacy Back

Experience the next level of privacy when using the Lexvor Connect Network for calls, text, using the internet and other private matters. 

Use Lexvor Tokens to cover your monthly bill or cash out




Big Savings Per Line

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Wireless Router.H03.2k.png
Wireless Router.H03.2k.png
Wireless Router.H03.2k.png

Build It Out

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Coverage and Privacy

Deploy indoor hotspot where it’s needed and earn tokens per month,
per connected device

The hotspots are the front facing aspect of the network. The more hotspots deployed the larger the network for everyone.
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Earn tokens per connected Lexvor Subscriber per user

Per Connection Everyday

Privacy At Home

Build a digital fortress in your home using the Lexvor Connect Network Hotspot. Search the internet, Send files and more with out any outside observation. 

Save Big On Hotspots

Already a Lexvor User! Save $1,900 on each 
Lexvor Connect Network Hotspot


How It Works

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Connecting With A Phone

Connect automatically when you are in range of a Lexvor Connect Hotspot

Configure your device for automatic connection to the Lexvor Connect Network SSID

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Effortlessly establish a connection when within the range of a Lexvor Connect Hotspot


Unlock big savings per month per line by connecting each of your devices to the Lexvor Connect Network Hotspot and earn tokens that can be used to cover your phone bill and more

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Deploying a Network Hotspot

Map Pointer.I03.2k.png

Connect automatically when you are in range of a Lexvor Connect Hotspot

Ethernet Wall Socket.H15.2k.png

Plug an ethernet cable into a Live Ethernet Wall Outlet

RJ45 Cable Cut.H03.2k.png
Wireless Router.I07.2k.png

Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into the 
Lexvor Connect Network Hotspot

RJ45 Cable Cut.H05.2k.png
White Round Dollar Symbol.I02.2k.png

Begin broadcasting The Lexvor Connect Network within minutes and start earning



New Network On The Block

Blockchain and Exchanges

Advancing our project using blockchain. Stay tuned for upcoming updates on what's in store.


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Base Station

Lexvor Hotspot

Data Base

5G Small Cell

Lexvor Hotspot


Leveraging 5G tech and our Lexvor Connect Network, users strategically place 5G small cells for extended, high-throughput connectivity.


Build the Nationwide Network

Teamwork makes the dream work


Connect the Nationwide Network

Build it together, Test it together


Enjoy The Network

Time to share it with the World


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International Access

Access Unlimited Data Across The Globe

Empowering the World with Lexvor Connect Network! Join our international builder networks as they pave the way for coverage in traditionally pricey locations, offering users with unparalleled access at an incredibly affordable rate. 

Low Poly Planet Earth.G03.2k.png





Plus Taxes & Fees

Use Lexvor Tokens to cover your international coverage bill




Big Savings Per Line


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