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Switch Networks Faster

Make This Switch Your Last

Lexvor Unlimited Go Max





Learn More About This Plan


Plus Taxes & $2 Monthly Compliance Fee

What's Included In This Plan?

More Data For You

Get More Unlimited High Speed Data When using Lexvor Connect Network. learn more>

Device Protection Available

Unlimited Talk

Unlimited Text

Unlimited Data
Prioritized Data)

*Subject To Network Abuse> 

Unlimited Hotspot

*Subject To Network Abuse>

4K HD Video Streaming




*$20 Activation Fee

*Month To Month Pricing

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, No Cost To Cancel.

Unlimited Prioritized Data
& Unlimited Hotspot

*Get Additional Data Free

The Lexvor Connect Network offers users extra prioritized high-speed data for just $5 per month. Simply choose to opt in and connect. Once connected, there are no restrictions on speed or data usage – no throttling or data caps apply.

*Must Not Be A Verizon
customer to qualify


View the Terms of this plan here.

Plan details

Upgrade Your Experience

Get a custom Unlimited Plan at just the click of a button.
No need to change plans or wait for promotions. 

View all of the perks that come with your Unlimited Plan

Call & Text at no extra charge.

Unlimited Hotspot

*Subject to Network Congestion After

Protect your phone from Accidental Damages.

 Prioritized Unlimited Data

*Subject To Network Abuse

Nationwide 5G Coverage on America's Most Reliable Network

 Protect your phone from Lost or Theft.

Get the Newest Phone every year plus add Damage and Theft Protection.

Other Features

Free Wifi Calling

Custom Caller ID

Lexvor Token Rewards Program

Call Filter ( Spam Blocker )

Auto - Access To 5G Network 

Mailable Call Records ( Up To 90 Days )
$10 organization fee applied per request

Have A Trade?

Secure, Fast and Easy

Get the most value on your trade when you upgrade.


The New iPhone SE Gen 3


Time To Upgrade The Family!

Purchase The New iPhone SE Gen 3 and Get
6 Months Free on our Unlimited Plan



(Plus Taxes) View Terms

*Promotional Offer : While supplies last

The Promise

Simple And Easy Upgrades

Never pay extra for the latest Phone again with our NO Hassle Upgrade Guarantee process.

No Sudden Price Increases

We will never sneak hidden fees into your phone bill.

Quality Client Care

U.S.-based personal account managers are always available to enhance your Lexvor experience.

Promotional Plans cannot be change across lines. All lines must have the same promotional plan.

 *Reasonable usage policy applies. Lexvor may temporarily slow data speeds during times of network congestion.

Easier Than The Rest

How It Works


Port Your Phone

Select The Number you want to Port Over

Input The Devices IMEI

Save Your Number

Provide The Phone Number
From Your Old Carrier

Bring Over All Your Numbers

Make The Switch

Input Your Porting Pin Number and Select Port

It Takes 1-5 Minutes To Complete

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