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Lexvor Connect Private Network

Lexvor Connect Private Network - Terms and Conditions

1. Token Rewards:

a. Earning Tokens: Lexvor Modem Owners are entitled to earn 4 tokens for each device connected to their modem, provided the device is subscribed to any Lexvor plan except the Lexvor $10 Unlimited plan.

b. Redemption Options: These tokens can be redeemed for $5 in cash through various methods, including ACH bank transfer, crypto in the form of USDC, or USDT.

c. Fees and Taxes: It is crucial to note that any fees or taxes associated with bank transactions or conversion rates during the token redemption process are the sole responsibility of the Modem Owners. Lexvor will not cover these expenses.

2. Tax Reporting:

a. 1099-K Issuance: Lexvor Builders who accrue a value in U.S. dollars exceeding $20,000 in a fiscal year will be issued a 1099-K for tax purposes and reporting.

b. Documentation Requirements: Lexvor Minors must provide all necessary documentation before the first payout, and this requirement extends to individuals receiving crypto payments in USDC or USDT.

3. Modem Ownership:

a. Unlimited Ownership: Lexvor Modem Owners enjoy the flexibility of owning and operating an unlimited number of devices without any restrictions.

4. User Payout Limits:

a. Capped Payouts: Users connecting to modems are subject to a maximum payout of $20 per month per device.

b. Variable Payouts: Payouts per connection range from $5 (equivalent to 1 token) to $20 (equivalent to 4 tokens) based on user connection history. The determination is made using Cloud management, user MAC ID, and MAC Addresses.

5. Payment Methods:

a. Irreversible Choices: Once a Modem Owner has selected a payment method and has received payment, no changes can be made to the chosen method.

b. Payment Rejection Policy: Lexvor is not responsible for reattempting payments if the initial payment is rejected or lost due to fraudulent information, incorrect bank details, or missing account information.

6. Network Access:

a. Approved MAC ID Requirement: Users must access the Lexvor Connect Network using a Valid and Approved MAC ID.

b. SSID Password Sharing Policy: Sharing the Lexvor SSID password without an approved MAC ID will result in denied network access, irrespective of the correctness of the information provided.

7. Example Payouts:

a. Earnings Scenarios: Provided examples illustrate potential earnings for Modem Owners based on the number of connected users.

8. Responsibility and Damages:

a. Liability: Lexvor holds no responsibility for damages caused by the modem in the owner's individual place of ownership or establishment.

b. Deactivation Impact: Modem Owners will not earn token rewards for months when the modem is deactivated or not connected to a robust internet source.

9. Cash Out:

a. Frequency: Modem Owners are allowed to cash out twice a month.

b. Minimum Requirement: There is a minimum cash-out requirement of $100 USD in token value. If a user falls below this threshold, additional tokens must be earned before cashing out.

10. Plan Cancellation:

a. Address Requirement: In the event of plan cancellation, Modem Owners must provide a valid mailing address, subject to information accuracy policies.

11. Check Expiry:

a. Reissuance Policy: If a check remains uncashed for 180 days, Lexvor, upon user request, will send another cashier's check to the Modem Owner's specified location.

12. Account Suspension:

a. Lexvor's Authority: Lexvor reserves the right to cancel, change, or suspend any owner's account in the event of discovering token earnings through fraud, criminal, or deceptive activities.

13. Program Changes:

a. Flexibility: Lexvor retains the right to alter, change, modify, or cancel its token rewards program at any time without prior notice.

14. Payout Information:

a. Required Details: Information required for payouts includes valid first and last names, address, Federal Tax ID number, valid social security number, and bank account routing and account number.

b. Information Handling: This sensitive information will be provided to Lexvor's merchant partner for quality assurance, and Lexvor will not directly store any of this information.

15. General:

a. Update Notification: These terms and conditions may be updated periodically, and continued participation implies acceptance of any modifications.

By participating in the Lexvor Connect Private Network, Modem Owners and Users acknowledge and accept these detailed Terms and Conditions.

1. Network Description: Lexvor Connect is a mesh network composed of local wifi modems providing services up to 1000 feet each. These routers may be located in various establishments, including local businesses, homes, schools, public locations, and more. It is important to note that each router may vary in speed, range, and the quality of services it provides.

2. Device Accessibility: All wifi-capable devices are eligible to access the Lexvor Connect Network.

3. Subscription Fee: Users can access the Lexvor Connect Network for a monthly subscription fee of $10, regardless of whether they are utilizing any of the Lexvor Unlimited Plans.

4. Lexvor Unlimited Subscribers: All Lexvor Unlimited Subscribers gain complimentary access to the Lexvor Connect Network at no additional cost.

5. Network Speeds: Speeds on the Lexvor Connect Network can vary, ranging from 1MBPS up to 2GBPS. The actual speed experienced by users will depend on the type of device they are using to connect to the network, as well as the distance from the nearest modem.

6. Automatic Connection: All devices granted access to the Lexvor Connect Network will connect automatically to most Lexvor Connect Network modems without additional prompts. In the event that a device fails to connect automatically, the user can manually connect to the network by selecting the SSID in their device's WiFi settings.

7. Network Congestions and Prioritization: During periods of network congestion, prioritization of data will occur. Lexvor Connect will prioritize data for Lexvor Cellular Subscribers over non-Lexvor Cellular Subscribers to ensure a seamless and consistent experience for our valued cellular subscribers.

8. Network Abuse and Fraudulent Activities: Lexvor Connect strictly prohibits network abuse and fraudulent activities. Any misuse of the network, including but not limited to unauthorized access, data manipulation, or any form of fraudulent activity, will result in immediate termination of access. Lexvor reserves the right to take legal action against individuals engaged in such activities.

9. Measures Against Abuse and Fraud: To prevent and address network abuse and fraudulent activities, Lexvor Connect employs advanced monitoring systems. Users are encouraged to report any suspicious activities to Lexvor Customer Support for swift and appropriate action.

By accessing the Lexvor Connect Network, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Lexvor reserves the right to modify or update these terms at any time, and users will be notified of any changes. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the termination of network access. For inquiries or assistance, please contact Lexvor Customer Support.

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