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Expand Your Network

Lexvor Social Partners

A Network Of Possibilities


Funded For Success

Earn And Reach Millions

We've allocated funds into our Lexvor Social Partner Program to help existing and new influencers reach their goals and dreams.

Reach Millions of New Customers With Our Exclusive Program

Endless Opportunities

Growth & Success

Focused On You

Your growth is at the forefront of your priorities just as it is for us. You have control of your career and where you want to take it, wherever that may be Lexvor will help you on the journey.


Network with other influencers and businesses. Lexvor will help you to open new doors for further opportunities.

Earn Income

Earn income on a daily basis with no limits of your earnings. Get paid for your success and never stop earning.

 Your Brand

Become a household name. Go beyond the limits of social media and reach new audiences across the nation.


Personalized Plans For You

The Company That Cares

Big or Small We Care For All


Premium Network Services

Obtain latest wireless technology with premium network speeds for free as a social partner benefit.

Momentous Exposure

Nationwide Perception

Take your brand to the next level and the entire nation like never before on national TV and more social platforms.

Let it be known that you are more than an influencer. Show your passions and become more dynamic in the eyes of the public.

Endless Possibilities

Nationwide Exposure

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 2.11.49 AM.png

Quality isn't just about the product, but the service

We Stand To Improve The Standard!


Earn and Learn

Become a part of the Lexvor Family! Your special talents are desired and we know that new heights are possible and want you to reach them! Promote with Lexvor, expand your brand, connect with other businesses and recognized influencers, and most importantly earn money while doing it.

Some Hidden Benefits

Lexvor is presenting our social partners with an opportunity like no other. Push YOUR agenda, expand your brand, connect with other influencers and businesses, earn income with NO limits.

& More


It's Simple, Quick & Easy

The Needed Documents

Just submit the documents and you're done.


Photo I.D.



Signed NDA

List Of Social
Media Handles


Description of Your Goals

It's That Easy!

Its Time To Grow Together!

Submit Your Application

Submit your application here, if your brand appeals to us, we will sponsor you
by using our nationwide resources to help you reach new levels. Make sure to list all of your
social channels during the application process! Remember to be
charismatic, energetic, easy to work with, and easy to reach.

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