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2 For 1 Coverage

Double the Coverage, Double the Connection

Discover seamless connectivity with our dual network approach: one network offers expansive nationwide coverage, while Lexvor Connect Network expertly fills in any gaps in areas with traditionally low connectivity.

Nationwide Coverage

Providing Nationwide Coverage using one of the Largest Networks in the Country.

Lexvor Connect Network

Filling in the coverage gaps to provide unparalleled high speed connectivity to underserved communities. 

Cellular Mapping

Keep Your Current Provider

Most modern phones have 2 IMEI's numbers. All we need is 1 IMEI to activate. Once activated you'll be connected to the Network

Join The Lexvor Network

Using both available IMEI's we can activate your device to provide dual coverage and connectivity. 

Gear Array.I02.2k.png

Choose your plan and activate your network compatible device

Smartphone With Blue Pin On A Map.B01.2k.png

Effortlessly establish a connection when within the range of a Lexvor Connect Network Small Cell or Hotspot

White Round Dollar Symbol.I02.2k.png

Unlock big savings per month per line by connecting each of your devices to the Lexvor Connect Network Hotspot. 

Hotspot Coverage

Use Your Own Internet

Simple connect your hotspot into your internet source and start earning rewards. Make sure to place it near an area where other users can access the network.

Using our 5G Internet

Purchase the Lexvor 5G Internet plan. Activate your device with the provided sim-cards. Once activated, you can start earning rewards. *Require's to be in range of our Lexvor Connect Network Small Cell

Ethernet Wall Socket.H15.2k.png

Plug an ethernet cable into a Live Ethernet Wall Outlet

RJ45 Cable Cut.H03.2k.png
Wireless Router.I07.2k.png

Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into the 
Lexvor Connect Network Hotspot

RJ45 Cable Cut.H05.2k.png
White Round Dollar Symbol.I02.2k.png

Begin broadcasting The Lexvor Connect Network within minutes and start earning

Network Small Cell

Apply For Location

We want to make sure all Host earn with little to no competition for each location. We also want to make sure that the location is up to regulator requirements and other essential purposes needed for a proper deployment.

Once Approved

Once the location is approved, we work on the next steps of onboarding the Host and verifying ownership or leasing rights of the approved location.

Provide Essential Documents

We will need the host information and authorization to provide payments to our host as well as authority to install the equipment at the approved location.

We Install Equiptment

Planning the time to install the small cell and testing. We will need to work with our host to install the small cell which is a quick and easy process. Once this process is complete you can start earning.

Ethernet Wall Socket.H15.2k.png

User connecting through Fixed Wireless 5G Internet in your area and using data earn you rewards.

RJ45 Cable Cut.H03.2k.png
Wireless Router.I07.2k.png
RJ45 Cable Cut.H05.2k.png

User connecting through Cellular Devices over 5G in your area and using data earn you rewards.

Phone Blue.J02.2k.png
Tablet Computer.J03_edited.png
White Round Dollar Symbol.I02.2k.png
Dual Polarization Sector Antenna.H03.2k.png

Begin broadcasting The Lexvor Connect Network start earning rewards

Let's Get Started

Earn and Save

3 Choices or Combine Them All

Become a Network Host and receive free fiber internet. Use our 5G Technology to provide 5G internet to your home or business. Activate any compatible 5G device and enjoy Nationwide Coverage. Boost your coverage with the Lexvor Connect Network.


Our Most Affordable Plan




Unlimited Data



One Time Application Fee



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