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Have A Trade?

Secure, Fast and Easy

Get the most value on your trade when you upgrade.


Pay As You Go or AutoPay

Flexible Options

plus taxes & fees

Billed Monthly

plus taxes & fees




Month to Month

Unlimited Talk, Text & 1GB of DataPlus Unlimited Prioritized Data when connected to the Lexvor Connect Network




Unlimited Talk, Text &
100GB of Prioritized Data

with Unlimited Data after no matter
how much data you use.


Reduced Speeds After 1GB

Unlimited Hotspot
on the network for up to
5 connected devices no matter
how much data you use.


More Data For You

Unlimited High Speed Data When Connected to any 
Lexvor Network Tower at no additional cost. learn more>


View plan terms here.

Other Features

Free Wifi Calling

Custom Caller ID

Lexvor Token Rewards Program

Access To Lexvor Connect Network
Free of Charge

Call Filter ( Spam Blocker )

Auto - Access To 5G Network 

Mailable Call Records ( Up To 90 Days )
$10 organization fee applied per request

Access to Encrpyted Calls, Text, Data while connected to a Lexvor Connect Private Network Hotspot

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