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Fastest Way To Switch Online

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Complete The Process In 3 Simple Steps

Create Account

Select Plan

Create Account- Becoming a client is easy, simply sign up, verify your identity, billing information and enjoy all the client rewards

Select Plan- Choose from any of our plans, get financed, and let the savings begin


Activation- Your SIM card and device will be sent out to you, instantly activate your line and port over your existing phone number with the click of a button

Keeping Your Phone Number

How To Port

What You’ll Need

Account Number

Your account number from your previous carrier. This can be found on any previous statements
or on your online account.

Porting PIN

A short code required for security purposes when switching over a number. Please contact your
carrier's porting department for this number.

Getting Started Step By Step


What You’ll Need

Getting Started Step By Step

Complete The Process In 3 Simple Steps

Receive Lexvor Device Kit

Commence Line

Complete Port

Your Lexvor Device Kit will arrive and include your phones(if ordered), SIM card(s), Ejector tool, and Accessories(if ordered). All necessary items to complete the process will be present in the device kit.

Upon receiving items and inputting port information, you will then be able to commence activation with the push of a button. If at any point assistance is needed please contact your Lexvor personal account manager.

When porting a number you will need the correct information to be input exactly as it appears from your previous carrier. This will require your account number, porting PIN, and address. Errors can arise that may require validated information from your carrier. If at any point assistance is needed please contact your Lexvor personal account manager.

Connect Your Device
To WiFi

Update Device To Latest Operating  Software(OS)

Gather SIM Card
And Ejector Tool

Connecting to a capable Wifi source is a necessity when activating a new device. This will be required for some set up features, transferring information, and potential software updates.

Your device will need the latest operating software(OS) to function at maximum capabilities and to be activated with your information. To do so, please refer to device settings. Most new devices will already have the latest OS installed.

When receiving your Lexvor device kit, please make sure to keep your SIM and ejector tool handy. These will be used for inserting your newly activated network card.

Open SIM Slot

Insert Lexvor SIM Card

Power Cycle Device

When opening the SIM slot, please use the provided ejector tool, this will make for the easiest opening and prevent scratches. Upon opening the SIM tray will be exposed.

Now that your SIM slot is open, you can now remove the SIM card to the required size and insert it to the SIM tray. When inserting the SIM card to the tray please ensure it has been input to match the tray sizing, it will fit smoothly when placed properly.

Now that the device and SIM have been activated, you are now using the Lexvor network! Simply power cycle your device by turning it off then on to reset and confirm your new device settings.

*E-Sim can be activated remotely.

*E-Sim can be activated remotely.

Fastest Way To Upgrade Online


Request It

Request the new device

Prepare It

We Ship the new device

We Ship It

Return It

We'll ship out your upgrade

Enter your SIM card

You Receive It

Ship back the old device

Lexvor Connect Network

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Exceptional Speeds

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