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Advancing The Industry

The Telecommunications industry is long over due for a Tesla, Apple, Amazon type makeover. We plan to be the leading SAAS Telecommunications company to take the industry to a new level. Learn about the Lexvor team and what we plan to achieve in the coming years.


Mychal Riley

Chief Executive Office


Cory Westropp

Chief Technology Officer

Jill Feng

Operations Analyst


Quan Do

Business Development 


Erik Elsenbach

Network Engineer

Christopher Wilkins

Customer Relations Manager


Blake Prince

External Sales Lead

Jesse Ricardo

External Sales Lead

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Oscar Sarmiento

External Sales Lead

Connorer Landson

External Sales Rep

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Better Times Ahead

We've all been there! Long on-hold times with terrible customer service, problems with our phones and no immediate answers, slow data speeds, terrible reception, and the list goes on. Unlike the other carriers, we have professionally trained experts to answer all of your questions and provide immediate results. On top of America's most reliable carrier networks to lower your cost without sacrificing quality to provide you with better coverage and flexible pricing. 

Simple Innovation 

Bringing change and diversity to the Wireless industry for the first time in nearly 20 years. Lexvor aims to be the tech forward carrier of the future that brings creativity, new methods and technologies that will spread across the industry for enhanced experiences, effectivity, relations, and uninterrupted use. Starting with our already integrated RapidPort system, this allows Lexvor users to port their phone number in just minutes. Time and time again the competition has shown their inability to even adequately transfer service from one carrier to the next with delays, incorrect information and other complications. We are focused on making the porting process faster and seamless wether you're porting into the network or porting out.


Your Time is Money

Unfortunately, providers can’t provide effective network service in every corner and crack in the nation... or at least not yet. Some areas just simply aren’t as advanced as others, but why should you have to suffer because of this? The answer is you shouldn’t and won’t have to much longer. Lexvor's newest application will automatically detect this deficiency and provide you with signal boosters to be used in your home, office or business for enhanced performance. Our system will also provide applicable bill credits for any network downtime or unsatisfactory service quality which eliminates the need to call customer service. Your hardship has already been automatically accounted for when we designed this program. Furthermore, the applications can run diagnostic reports remotely on your device to assess any potential problems at your request. Prefer physical interaction? Not a problem, simply request for an expert Lexvor representative to meet you at the location of your choice for instant user support. Sounds great? We know! This is all to come in the soon to be released Lexvor app next year.


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has proven time and time again to be very valuable in many new and existing industries. This technology has opened new doors, created millions of new jobs across the globe and more. With Lexvor being a tech forward company we plan to be one of the first Nationwide Carriers to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of bill payments, purchasing accessories and other exclusive items. As blockchain technology continues to advance so will the opportunities and benefits we provide to our clients and team members alike.


More Time Less Stress

We constantly work on our systems, processes, and softwares to improve your

overall experience. How often do you feel as though your money has been going to waste and the company you do business with has not reinvested anything into actually improving the services that they provide? Our guess is too often and it will be quite the contrary at Lexvor. Our commitment to excellence will always remain to be at the forefront when taking the next step as a business. Lexvor aims to be the tech forward carrier of the wireless industry and plans to make advancements that the market has yet to see.

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