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 Plans Coming Soon


We have lowered the cost of many of our plans with our latest software update. Many of our current clients have already received lower monthly payments. More News to come in the next following months.






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Stories and Blogs:

Online System

Janurary 2021

Lexvor new and improved online system provides faster bill payment, flexible add-line options and a new A.I. for answering all of your day to day questions as fast as possible.

Website Update

Februrary 2021

Lexvor has released a website update. Go check it out!
Designed to make life easier in an effort to minimize any
confusion and/or frustration for our clients. The website
is straight to the point and you’ll find out you can get the latest device with the most advanced network for low as $20/mo with accessories for as low as $1. What are you waiting for? Go check it out and start saving!

New Online Store

March 2021

Lexvor has released an online store with accessories as low as $1 for our clients. We offer high quality phone cases and screen protectors to all our clients as a reminder that Lexvor cares for it’s loyal clients.

American Based

April 2021

Our Goal is to be the nations, if not the world’s first Luxury phone service provider. Our quality in our concierge service is unlike any other in the industry. We are strictly an American based company and we never outsource.

Client Needs

May 2021

Our clients are assigned a personal account manager that caters to you whenever you have questions or needs regarding your account. All this on top of our superior phone service. Luxury is in our service. No other carrier can offer you that!

Different Breed

May 2021

The First Luxury Phone Carrier is taking over nationwide with their very own television appearance that will be aired in the near future. Expecting to throw a wrinkle in the industry would be an understatement. After seeing what Lexvor has to offer, clients are rumored to be on a switching frenzy. Once becoming a household name, Lexvor could be doing much more than just making noise in the world of telecommunications, potentially even takeover.

Fast Hands

June 2021

How fast? Extremely fast! The average user with all of the proper information has the power to switch networks in less than 5 minutes. Yes! You read it right and heard it from the source itself. Our newest and latest software update allows our users to port their phone numbers in less than 5 minutes to our network. This was never a possibility before but, with Lexvor anything is possible.

The Movement

June 2021

Do you excel in sales? Want to be a part of something special? This is the opportunity you've been waiting for! Apply now to join Lexvor's always growing sales unit. This position features residual commissions, unreal bonuses, and exponential growth potential. The carrier of the future is looking for talent and hope to see you fill that role. Send over your resume to and we will be in touch!

Device Fishing

July 2021

Trading in a device has never been better than it is now. Lexvor accepts all devices in ANY working condition. Yes, any device in any condition. As long as it turns on and works, Lexvor will accept your trade and give you CASH value for it. What other carrier does this... we'll wait. 

Upgraded Software

July 2021

We’ve updated your service! Faster uploading, downloading, and better reception when using our new 5G. Guess what? At no extra cost! Unlike our competitors, Lexvor has always cared about you and how you use our services. This is why we provide the quality services to you the moment they are available. We will continue to raise the standard and drive the industry into a new path of excitement and innovation.


August 2021

The carrier coaster. Ups, downs, twists, turns, it is a ride! It can be confusing, regretful, expensive, and sometimes just all out crazy. That is why Lexvor is taking to Reddit to ease the pain! Here you won't find deal or promos, just the information and clarity that you need. Our goal is to provide honest answers, quality solutions, and inside information about the world of mobile carriers. So come over to Reddit and take a look, you might just learn something that will help you in your next decision about your phone network. 

New Era

September 2021

A more simplified website plus our redesigned logo. It's friendlier, creative, and fun. That's what we aim to be as a brand and we hope you enjoy what's to come.


October 2021

Join Lexvor at our next event! Meet people in your local area at an event created to bring together local business professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and just about anyone looking to network while having a good time. Here you'll meet some of the Lexvor team as well as have the ability to partake in games, food, drinks, and some great conversations! If you'd like to attend one day click the link and RSVP. We'll see you there!

More For You

October 2021

The commitment to improvement is what truly makes something great and Lexvor truly exemplifies this philosophy. With a goal to evolve the wireless industry, Lexvor continues to make advancements within to provide the highest quality network service and experience. Our newly formed partnerships for device insurance and discounted device pricing will allow us to not only protect your devices but also provide them to you for less. Keep an eye out as these as they go live and for what we have coming next! Trust us when we say, it will be BIG.


November 2021

Transfer your phone number to Lexvor with our RapidPort system in less than 5 minutes. Yes, porting a phone number and getting activated with Lexvor takes less than 5 minutes. Gone are the days where switching networks takes hours or even days. With RapidPort you can switch to a superior network and experience our premium services and blazing 5G speeds without wasting your day away. For more information, you can read about Lexvor on Yahoo Finance, Business Insider,  

Market Watch and more!


December 2021

 This software-based service monitors the customer's access to the Lexvor cellular network. Any downtime detected is then automatically credited to the user's bill with no need to reach out to customer service. Most wireless services make you ask for a credit if their network goes down. Lexvor doesn't think that's fair. For more information, you can read about Lexvor on Yahoo Finance, Business Insider,  

Market Watch and more!

Faster Proccess

January 2022

We have sped up the process of signing up for our services. Now users can simply go to our shop and select the plan you like and pay with in seconds. For users who want a more traditional Postpaid process, we still have our backend database. Check out the links for both of ours systems.

Fast System                PostPaid System

NetGear Partner

March 2022

We have partnered with Netgear to provide our new Home WiFi and WiFi on the Go services. This partnership will help provide warranties for the units purchased and for remote management. More details coming soon.


April 2022

We have partnered with a Nationwide Distribution center for faster and safe streamlined delivery of all your devices and accessories. This partnership is expected to help increase our delivery efficiency by up to 60%.

Phobio Partner

May 2022

We have partnered with Phobio to provide our users with competitive trade in offers. With this partnership our users trade in process will be more streamlined and simplified than ever.

Disney Platforms

June 2022

We have secured a Disney deal that will allow us to advertise and provider services on a multitude of Disney platforms. Look out for more news coming soon.

E-Sim Activated

July 2022

We are proud to announced that we have E-Sim now accessible to all devices that have e-sim activation capabilities. This will allow us to activate devices 100% remotely without the requirements of a physical sim card.

Roam The Globe

August 2022

Available now! Lexvor is now able to provide international coverage services across the globe! With 251 international locations and 331 international cruise ships, Lexvor users have the ability to be covered while on land and sea almost anywhere around the world.

Apple, Apple, Apple

September 2022

The highly anticipated iPhone 14's will be releasing this month. Upon release the new iPhone's can be impossibly hard to get your hands on. This leaves many customers waiting for weeks to months to find their desired device available. Lexvor has put this recurring problem to rest by securing a partnership for devices from one of Apple's largest device partners. This means Lexvor customers will always have access to devices upon launch. This partnership is also expected to decrease shipping time by up to 50% through creative procurement and shipping methods.

New Technology 

November 2022

Coming to a community near you soon! Lexvor has teamed up with one of the largest real estate powerhouses in America. Lexvor is soon to provide new and innovative IoT solutions to residents across the United States. With creative solutions to the market that is severely lacking modernization of traditional connectivity methods. 

Software Update

December 2022

New and fast coming changes to the Lexvor online platforms are set to be released this New Year. This means enhanced ease of use and furthered accessibility options within your Lexvor account. These updates will be released rapidly throughout the year of 2023 with a completely revamped system flow on the way!

 Now Local

Janurary 2023

Beginning this month and continuing through 2023, Lexvor will be rapidly expanding our network of local Dealers. Head down to your local wireless store and get Lexvor services in person at a trusted Authorized Dealer. If your Dealer is slow to adopt Lexvor services or if you are a prospective Dealer, our business team will be thrilled to assist in getting your local store started with Lexvor. 

Future Updates

February 2023

All of our future updates will be on all of our social media handles. Follow below to stay up to date with what Lexvor is creating.

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