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Make Lexvor Apart Of Your Journey

Where Do You Thrive?

Client Service, Tech Support, Sales, Software Engineer, Accounting, Other

Client Service

If solving problems, creating solutions, and spreading smiles makes your day better then being a personal account manager could serve you well. Join our team of client care professionals to help us maintain our standard of excellence.


Connecting with potential clients and business partners is a necessity for any business. If you excel in identifying new markets, generating leads, and closing deals then Lexvor sales may be right for you.

Software Engineer

Your knack for technology and coding could be a great addition. Whether you work best with design, creation, monitoring, writing, consulting, something more, or even all of the above, your IT expertise may be a great fit.


Good with numbers? Your mathematical genius would be great for tax reporting, audits,
analysis, and other financial information. Lend our team of accounts a hand with your financial literacy.


Not seeing your field of expertise? Tell us what you’re good at and
what you’re interested in down below!

Working From Home

No matter where you are, we will ensure that you have the necessary tools to craft success. You will receive extensive training and coaching
sessions to get prepared, and if you ever encounter a
problem you cannot solve alone, a coworker is always available for assistance.

Client Interactions

Every interaction is a new opportunity to help clients. The power that cellular devices have in our daily lives is immense. Each time we are able to provide
superior service, replace an outdated device, or solve a
problem we believe we are making an impact. We take pride in our
ability to influence our clients lives and do everything we can to ensure it is for better.

Online Sales Overview

Online sales positions will use websites, social media and online marketing channels to increase sales and conversions and to promote the business products and services.

~ Develop Innovative Sales Opportunities
~ Work with Clients to Establish Goals
~ Make Sales Forecasts
~ Create Sales Reports
~ Train Staff


Bachelor Degree
2 Years Equivalent Experience

Online sales require great communication and have strong leadership skills. It also requires the ability to analyze data to formulate effective digital strategies. 

~ Analytical Thinking
~ Computer Skills
~ Teamwork
~ Attention to Detail
~ Client Service   

If interested please click link below.

"Lexvor" philosophy is not focused on merely just financial growth; our mission is to better lives and to aid each and every person regardless of their financial history or background. We make dreams happen by allowing everyone to achieve financial independence, but most importantly: success. If you are a charismatic and enthusiastic individual who identifies with our mission, we would be more than enthused to have you on our team.

Please Attach Resume Below

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