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Lexvor Connect Network Small Cell

Lexvor Connect Network Small Cell

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The Lexvor Connect Network Small Cell is a 5G-NR, sub-6 GHz, outdoor solution. Our small cell is a compact, easy to deploy gNB, for pole and wall installation. Our products flexible architecture supports multiple configurations in terms of frequency allocation and sectors coverage, using the integrated or external antennas, to adapt to different needs. You are Ordering the Lexvor Connect Network Small Cell. All Small Cells will begin to typically ship 2-4 weeks after the order is placed. This subscription deposit is 100% Refundable until Lexvor Connect Network Small Cell Ships.

Opciones de precios
Lexvor Small Cell
$249.00cada mes hasta que se cancele
  • Included In Subscription

    1 Lexvor Small Cell Unit
    1 Location Site Survey
    1 Network Interference Survey
    1 Site Security Survey
     1 Site Compliance Survey
    Internet at the Location On Us

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