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A Network Built For The People By The People

The Lexvor Connect

Join Lexvor Connect Network to bridge coverage gaps collaboratively. Building a network to enhance future technologies. IoT prodcuts, smart technologies, A.I. and more can all be enhanced using our network.

Dual Polarization Sector Antenna.H03.2k.png

Coast-to-Coast on Two Networks

Double the Coverage, Double the Connection

Discover seamless connectivity with our dual network approach: one network offers expansive nationwide coverage, while Lexvor Connect Network expertly fills in any gaps in areas with traditionally low connectivity.


5G Powered By Lexvor

Revolutionize Your Connectivity

Lexvor Connect Network is a locally supported, expertly managed network solution using state-of-the-art 5G technology. It provides extensive coverage and high-speed internet to cellular devices over miles.

Built For The Future


Blazing Fast 5G

Our network supports devices compatible with 4G and 5G technology, either via a physical SIM card or the latest eSIM technology.

Expanding Daily

Our network grows daily through contributions not just from our team, but also from users like you in local communities. Join us in solving cellular connectivity issues and be a part of a growing movement.


Unlimited Priority Data

Unlimited Talk
Unlimited Text
Unlimited HotSpot
Unlimited Prioritized Data
Nationwide Access


Keep your current provider or add it to any Lexvor Unlimited Plan.

Sim Card or eSIM

Unlimited Everything & Unlimited Prioritized Data 

Our network supports mobile devices compatible with 4G and 5G technology, either via a physical SIM card or the latest eSIM technology.
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Smartphone With Black Pin On A Map.E01.2k.png
Golden Smartphone.M02.2k.png




Unlimited +

Plus Taxes & Fees

Save and Earn

Unlock Seamless Connectivity and Savings

Join The Lexvor Connect Network for Unlimited Talk, Text, Hotspot and Unlimited Priority Data. Save per month per line when you use Lexvor Tokens to cover your monthly bills. and more

Wireless Router.H03.2k.png
Wireless Router.H03.2k.png
Wireless Router.H03.2k.png
Wireless Router.H03.2k.png

5G Internet

Wireless Router.I02.2k.png

Easy To Install and Activate

Deploy indoor hotspot where it’s needed and start connecting your devices.

Each modem connects to the Lexvor Connects Network over 5G and provides in home internet services. 
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Plus Taxes & Fees

Fast and Reliable


High Speed Downloads
HD Streaming
Modem Included
Dedicated Speed
Earn Monthly Rewards

Plus 4 Free Unlimited Lines




Big Savings Per Line

Our network utilizes cutting-edge 5G radio technology to deliver extensive coverage over miles to your cellular devices. Whether at home, at work, or on the go, enjoy blazing-fast internet speeds and reliable connectivity.

Small Cells

Advanced 5G Technology

Small Cell 5G Antenna.G03.2k.png

Mobile Phone Services & 5G Home Internet

Smartphone With Blue Pin On A Map.B01.2k.png

Become A Host

Start Earning

Earn Income Per Site

Access our network effortlessly using any mobile device that supports 5G. Whether your device uses a physical SIM card or the latest eSIM technology, connecting is seamless.


Build the Nationwide Network

Teamwork makes the dream work


Connect the Nationwide Network

Build it together, Test it together


Enjoy The Network

Time to share it with the World

Earn and Save

3 Choices or Combine Them All

Become a Network Host and receive free fiber internet. Use our 5G Technology to provide 5G internet to your home or business. Activate any compatible 5G device and enjoy Nationwide Coverage. Boost your coverage with the Lexvor Connect Network.


Our Most Affordable Plan



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