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Unlimited + Internet

Wireless Router.I02.2k.png

Easy To Install and Activate

Deploy indoor hotspot where it’s needed and start connecting your devices.

Each modem connects to the Lexvor Connects Network over 5G and provides in home internet services. 
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Plus Taxes & Fees

Fast and Reliable


High Speed Downloads
HD Streaming
5G Modem Required
Dedicated Speed
Earn Monthly Rewards

Unlimited + 5G Internet

Check Coverage

Check to see if your in an area where we support 5G Home Internet Coverage.

Learn More About This Plan


Plus Taxes & $2 Monthly Compliance Fee

What's Included In This Plan?

*Must Be In Range of the Lexvor Connect Network 

Lexvor Connect Not Modem Included

3-5 Day Business Shipping

Unlimited Data
Prioritized Data)

*Subject To Network Abuse> 

HD Video Streaming

Great For Online Gaming and Streaming

Game and stream like never before power by the Lexvor 5G Home Connect




*$99 Activation Fee

*Month To Month Pricing

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, No Cost To Cancel.

Unlimited Prioritized Data

*4 Free Unlimited Lines Included
Bundles The Unlimited Go plan and save $80 off each line up to 4 lines per month.


View the Terms of this plan here.

Plan details


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Provide Coverage

Out of Range of the Lexvor Connect Network?

Empowering the Nation with Lexvor Connect Network! Join our builders network as we pave the way for coverage in traditionally pricey locations, offering users with unparalleled access at an incredibly affordable rate. 

Low Poly Planet Earth.G03.2k.png

Get The Modem

Join the Network and Providing Coverage

Use Lexvor Tokens to cover your internet and phone bill




Big Savings Per Line

Deploying a Network Hotspot

Map Pointer.I03.2k.png

Connect automatically when you are in range of a Lexvor Connect Hotspot

Ethernet Wall Socket.H15.2k.png

Plug an ethernet cable into a Live Ethernet Wall Outlet

RJ45 Cable Cut.H03.2k.png
Wireless Router.I07.2k.png

Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into the 
Lexvor Connect Network Hotspot

RJ45 Cable Cut.H05.2k.png

Begin broadcasting The Lexvor Connect Network within minutes and start earning

Small Cell 5G Antenna.G03.2k.png

At the foundation of this network lies Lexvor, leveraging its permits and licenses to establish a robust backbone infrastructure. This backbone serves as the bedrock, ensuring seamless connectivity across the entire network. Lexvor's involvement provides the necessary regulatory framework and ensures the reliability and scalability of the entire system.

Backbone Infrastructure

Wireless Router.I02.2k.png

The second layer invites early adopters and data enthusiasts to actively participate in expanding the network's reach. Users can strategically deploy hotspots and small cells, using the backbone and tailoring the network to the specific needs of their communities. This approach empowers local residents to shape their network landscape, addressing unique challenges and enhancing connectivity in underserved areas.

User -Built Network 

White Round Dollar Symbol.I02.2k.png

The third layer introduces a incentive system through token rewards. Modem and Small Cell owners gain reward every time a Subscriber connects and uses data. There is no current limitation as to how many Subscribers can connect per day for builders. More Connections more rewards and earnings.

Rewards and Benefits

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